The Tigers have chosen to offer this unique opportunity...BUTCHER'S CHOICE!

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 By shopping with us instead of the grocery store for your meat, chicken, pork, or seafood, you can help our football athletes to focus on training, conditioning and academics, instead of sales!



>> All checks are made payable to the team booster club or school All
>> EBT/foodstamp payments can be called in to the Butcher at
>> 770-356-4009, need card #, PIN and amount.
>> If your team has credit card and/or paypal, pay the team, if not, you
>> can call credit payments in to the Butcher at 770-356-4009. Need card #,
>> exp.
>> date, 3 or 4 digit security code, amount, and the billing address zip
>> code.
>> All our steaks are USDA Choice, Select or Prime.
>> There are NO tenderizers period.
>> We carry only midwest American beef, no imports.
>> Our steak variety case is grass fed beef.
>> By law, no cattle can be processed within 90 days of having been
>> given any adulterants (hormones, antibiotics) and that is only when
>> absolutely necessary.
>> All beef, chicken and pork is USDA inspected and then again by the
>> Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.
>> The seafood is inspected by the FDA and then GDA.
>> The seafood is from around the world but NOT China.
>> Some seafood is farm raised, some wild caught.
>> We are a 16 year "A plus" rated BBB company.
>> The steak variety case is about $10 per pound compared to $11 or $12
>> at the store for choice grilling steaks.
>> All products are guaranteed fresh for one full year.
>> Weights on the cases are as follows:
>> Steak Variety: 18 lbs.
>> Chicken: 20.5 lbs.
>> Seafood: 15 lbs
>> Pork: 20.5 lbs
>> Angus Strips: 12 lbs
>> Filet Mignon: 5.25 lbs
>> Feel free to call the Butcher with any other questions at
>> 770-356-4009. I am here to support you and will go to bat for you and
>> your team!!!
>> To our wonderful customers: If you are going to buy meats, why not
>> shop with the team instead of the store and support our own kids
>> athletic endeavors?
>> You can visit our website at: