Welcome to the 2021 football season.  As we all know, in order to have a successful program we must have funds.  We have a proposed budget of $100,000 this year.  This year's dues therefore will be $800.  It does not have to be paid at once and there will be fundraisers to assist.  The 1st installment of $300 will be due May 3rd, the 2nd installment of $300 is due June 7th, and the final installment of $200 is due August 2nd. 

All dues will be collected online, to see instructions click on more information:


Please scroll to the bottom of this home page and click on donations.

Under "General"  enter the amount , then enter your student athlete's name (next to the amount)  THE ATHLETE'S NAME MUST BE ENTERED SO THEY CAN RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE PAYMENT)  Make sure the donation frequency of ONE TIME is selected.

Next step:  Click Continue

The next page should be the donation information and this is where you will enter your billing address and payment information.

CLICK PROCESS. Once you click PROCESS you should get a confirmation

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the Quarterback Club.